Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
To the turmoil going on in the Orissa Legislative Assembly over the Chief Minister’s black money, Police brutality in Bolangir has added fuel.

A Police van driven by a drunkard had hit a man from behind in the town of Bolangir yesterday. That had infuriated the local public leading to mass assault on the driver ans putting the vehicle to fire.

The Police resorted to brutality in retaliation. Passive onlookers were beaten up and tear gas was lavishly fired at private houses.

The Police was so mad in wrath that media persons were thrashed and TV cameras were snatched away and damaged.

The entire town has gone into a band hartal today in protest against Police brutality having its logical repercussion on the participation of members in the House. The Opposition has sharpened its stance and has stopped the House to take up scheduled business without a discussion on Police brutality at Bolangir.

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