Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

As Mr. Navin Chawla is declared to take over as the next CEC, the website of the Election Commission of India has already become free of the imposing advertisement captioned “Advani for PM”.

A day ago, its home page as well as inner pages was spangled with google ads that was projecting Lal Krishna Advani as the next Prime Minister of India. There was no advertisement in support of any other leader than Advani.

When Advani has every right to advertise himself as the candidate for the top most political post, use of space for this in the official website of EC was certainly a wrong against the electorate.

The wrong has been corrected, and rightly. But after Chawla is declared as the next CEC, removal of the Advani ads suggests that the step is politically perpetrated, not administratively.

The CEC designate Sri Chawla should clarify on this matter and should say if the official site was allowed to be politically used. If not, he should also say as to why the Advani ad has been jettisoned.

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