Youth for Chilika (YFC), a voluntary organization has decided to resist liquor trade in the area adjoining the world famous brackish water lagoon and for the purpose, along with several women and youth organizations of Balugaon and Banpur blocks, it has formed an umbrella front under the title Chilika Nisha Virodhi Sammukhya (CNVS). Sheetal Jena, its Media Coordinator has in a press release declared that CNVS would “fight the unrestricted liquor trade by all possible means”.

The Press Release describes the prevalent scenario in the following term:

The evenings in the villages of Chilika constituency that was once abuzz with religious gatherings and Bhagavat discourses is today overflowing with foreign and country liquor available in cheap plastic pouches in grocery shops.

Liquor has become so commonplace in Chilika that it is even being served in weddings today.

The flood of liquor into these villages has tormented lives beyond recognition, destroying livelihoods, family and village life as well as general peace and tranquility.

Today, every other family is severely affected by liquor and periodic deaths due to liquor poisoning.

A strong undercurrent of revolt is simmering among thousands of village women in Chilika who are the real victims of the liquor syndrome and a huge anti-liquor movement is gathering momentum.

CNVS has drawn up strategies on how to stop the pernicious spread of liquor.

The first step would be resorting to Gandhiji’s method of Mass Satyagraha and relay hunger strike if immediate action is not initiated against the local liquor baron as well as the agents of administration that patronize him.

The second course of action would be relay dharana at local police stations to immediately halt illicit liquor trade as well as picketing before the liquor outlets.

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