Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

When it is essential for India that the election 2009 should be a battle between Ganatantravad (democratism) and Golamvad (factotumism), Rohit Pujari has resigned from the President post of Orissa Pradesh Youth Congress to which he was “appointed” four years ago and has joined BJD. Obviously he has his adherence to Golamvad as both the Congress and BJD are practitioners of Golamvad. In our observation on March 20, we have defined Golamvad and shown how it acts against democracy.

After the election programs were declared, not only Pujari but around a dozen of vote mongers have changed from Congress to BJD and vice versa, all of them being followers of masters of either of these two parties.

But the way Pujari has exposed the “Sainik” of Sonia Gandhi, K.P.Singhdeo as the epicenter of corruption in allocation of constituencies, is quite speaking on what is going on in the Congress.

Businessmen close to KP are collecting money from mafias to auction out constituencies clandestinely, he has alleged, shrouding simultaneously his observation over other members of the team “appointed” by Sonia along with KP.

KP has of course promptly pooh-poohed Pujari and another member of the “appointed” Presidium of Pradesh Congress, Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra has expressed happiness over departure of a “non-functioning” element that had kept the Youth Congress “inoperative”; but none of them has rejected his allegation of corrupt practice in constituency allocation.

However, the syndrome that craves attention is that disappointed vote mongers in Congress prefer the other platform of Golamvad, i.e. the BJD although persons such as Member of Parliament Archana Nayak feeling suffocated under Golamvad have left BJD to join BJP, the only party other than the left having practiced democracy in party management.

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