Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Budhia means a withered old woman whereas Gudia means a baby girl far below the age of maturity. Both of them are unproductive as neither is fit for parturition.

Star campaigner of BJP Narendra Modi, howsoever unbecoming it may be of a provincial Chief Minister to use these epithets for a rival political party, has used these terms sans qualms for the Congress Party in the ongoing battle of ballots.

Calling the Congress Budhia is crude? Ok. I’ll call it Gudia, told Narendra Modi to the Indian public in a manner of a rejoinder to Priyanka Gandhi’s poser, “Does my mother or do I look old?

The epithet Budhia used by Modi for the Congress may not look like coming from a decent politician. But was it necessary for Priyanka to put this poser? Are the voters of India interested in her or her mother’s age? And, who is she to put this poser? Is she the Congress? Is her mother the Congress?

Modi had used political wit to tell the voters that the Congress party having reached the age of 125 years is like a crone that can no more be expected of delivering the desirable.

Where from Priyanka got the idea that Modi used the word Budhia for her and / or her mother Sonia?

By interpreting Modi’s Budhia in the line of her and her mother’s age, not of the Congress, Priyanka has only made it clear that the Congress is no more a political party that her mother heads but is a mere mask that she and her mother use to their personal advantage.

This reminds one of Mrs Indira Gandhi, who had developed the fancy that she was India and had ventured to force-feed the peoples with this idea through her factotum Dev Kant Baruah who shamelessly had sung, “Indira is India and India is Indira”. India had woke up to thrash the scoundrels blue and black.

Foreign born Sonia domiciled in India by virtue of her marriage to the elder son of the same Indira Gandhi is perhaps using her mother-in-law’s modus operandi, as her daughter Priyanka’s poser suggests, to equate herself with the Congress, which many of modern Indians mistake to be the party that had fought for our freedom from foreign yoke.

Modi placed the Congress party in the fold of old age. And, Priyanka calculatedly posed, “does my mother or do I look old?” In other words, “If neither my mother is nor am I old, how can the Congress be old?” she wondered.

Is there any Congress beyond this at the moment?

Is there any Congress where Sonia is the President of Congress, not the Congress?

Is there any Congress where Priyanka is the daughter of the President of Congress, not the Congress?

Is there any Congress where Rahul is the son of the President of Congress, not the Yuvraj (Prince) of the Congress, as media is now projecting him?

Is there any Congress, which is not the son and the daughter of Sonia and Sonia herself?

By tossing Congress from Budhia to Gudia, Narendra Modi has helped us rise to cogitate if there is any Congress beyond the Sonianisation concept.

If there is none, it would be patriotic prudence in election 2009 to reject the Congress.

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