String music stimulates the soul and expands self spirit to become one with the universal spirit, said eminent young violinist Laxmi Prasad Pattanayak in a seminar on spiritual impact of Violin held in Sathyasai English Medium School, V.S.S.Nagar, Bhubaneswar, on 11 June 2009.

Laying the keynote address, Sri Pattanayak, who was the lone scholar in entire India to be awarded with Central Government’s coveted National Scholarship in Violin in 2007, observed that in Violin strings the melodious voice of creation comes cascading like echo of eagerness of every human being to express its sweetest feelings overcoming the bites of bruises the society willingly or inadvertently inflicts.

Violin is itself a marvel. It moves the violinist as well as the audience into a pleasant climate of tears; but the reason thereof is yet unknown to the world, he said, highlighting on how Orissa’s indigenous predecessor to Violin, Kendera, so named because of its ability to voice the Kanda (meaning Cries) is in reality a string of delight emanating from victory over debacles. Had there been no feeling of defeat and inherent urge to transform the defeat to victory, string music might not have developed.

Eminent musician Shiv Narayan Patnaik, composer Bairagi Das discussed on the keynote address. Princial of the School, Ms. Lipika Pattanayak was in the chair.

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