Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

On the day of his birth, if we remember Gandhiji, it is better not to hear the leaders speak on him; because we should not desecrate him with hypocrisy.

India since independence is in the hands of the right-wingers. And these leaders have changed our country from democracy to plutocracy. They have even subjected us to foreigners’ hegemony.

They have polluted our Parliament by bribing MPs to stay in power. And, by staying in power they have ruined our public sector for the benefit of black money operators.

Because of their meretricious approach to welfare, our honest countrymen, constituting the massive majority, have been perishing under slow starvation below the poverty line whereas miscreants have amassed wealth to the extent of dictating terms to the Governments.

The right-wingers, whether in Government or in Opposition, are enjoying power. And, because of being in power, they are in positions to address us on Gandhiji, whose dreams they have shattered. Nathuram had physically killed him, but these fellows have been killing his spirit.

If we really love Gandhiji, let us no more encourage the right viruses to desecrate him.

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