Bhubaneswar Book Fair: Subhas Pattanayak’s Dura Adura a Bibliophile Hit

Dura Adura, the print version of the e-compilation of random reactions of Journalist Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, brought out by Pratisruti, displayed at left by Bidhubhusan Pattanaik, the original publisher thereof, has become an instant bibliophile hit.

His unique tome, Sri Jaya Devanka Baisi Pahacha that convincingly tries to free Sri Jaya Dev from the labyrinth of misleading legends and put the immortal revolutionary poet on socio-historical perspective is also well received in the 26th Bhubaneswar Book Fair. This is the book that has brought to records hitherto unknown facts on the Mahodadhi civilization of Orissa and thrown new lights on her indigenous cult Buddhism, while analyzing, for the first time in literary history, the political impact of Sri Jay Dev as female pre-eminence in his songs of sex provided Sahajayana with the strongest literary weapon against apartheid. Of course, serious readers have opined that the poetic translation of Jay Dev’s Astapadi songs by Sri Pattanayak is so superb that instead of being appended to this book, a separate title for the songs should have been a magnificent addition to the cherished wealth of books in the world of Oriya literature.

Dhauli Publications at stall No.172 in the 26th Bhubaneswar Book Fair is dedicated to sale of this book as well as other works of Sri Pattanayak and the books authored by Media scholar Dr. Maheswar.

When Pattanayak’s other titles include Smrutirekha, Vidyapatinka Prema Geet, Sabitapaeen Kabita and Simhavalokanare Biju Patnaik, Dr. Maheswar’s two noteworthy works on journalism: Sambad-O-Sambadikata and Khabarakagaja, brought out by Dhauli Publications are also well received.

Other works with relevance to applied journalism such as Panchama Stambha and Aama Pratinidhi by Gokulananda Pattanaik as well as Pratisruti supplementaries, Devi and Industry on Orissa’s Arts and Culture as well as mining and industry respectively are also on the stand in this stall.

The book fair has launched the populace into the ecstasy of books.

The Bhubaneswar Book Fair, concieved and organised by a band of writers 25 years ago is the mother of Book Fair movement in Orissa and is the most awaited for event in the state.

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