It was the mid day of 5th March 2010, when the household women of Balikiari village were engaged in preparation of food for their family members. The breeze was sound and the environment was quiet friendly. All of a sudden a thatched roof caught fire allegedly from sparks flowing in from the nearest bamboo forest and within an hour all assets and belongings of around 73 households were reduced to ashes.

Balikiari stands at a distance of 17 kms west to Narasinghpur Block Headquarters of Cuttack district. There is no power connection, no mobile network and above all no negotiable road to the village.

Under constant threat of wild elephants, the villagers in emergencies go in groups with weapons to reach the essential offices and hospital at the Block headquarters. They are severely hit by collapse of community health service.

Such a disadvantaged village getting gutted by the wild fire, as no help from any corner was absolutely remote, the Indian Red Cross Society, Orissa State Branch (IRCS-OSB) decided to rush to the affected people. Relief Kits, each containing Polythene-01, Plastic Bucket with cover-02, Dekchi with covers -02, Kadai-01, Lantern-01, Saree -02, Dhoti-02, Kitchen set -01 were delivered by Mr Chakradhar Rout, Senior Programme Officer, IRCS-OSB with the support of Mr Rabinarayan Panda and Smt Sarojini Mohanty, Life Members of Red Cross were delivered to all the affected families, the list of which was prepared by Purushottam Pradhan, Sarapancha of Chakamudi G.P and Pranakrushna Pradhan Ward member of the village.

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