Earth Hour Movement Gains Ground in Orissa

Former Chief Engineer, Electrical, Mr. Nagendra Nath Mahapatra, who pioneered Earth Hour movement in Orissa and on whose personal initiative a band of brilliant power sector personnel and social activists had held the first preparatory meeting for Earth Hour 2010 in the office of leading to leaders of various organizations, social workers, trade union leaders, techno academics, journalists and other professionals joining the mission, has made a thorough search and found that the one hour union with global community to reduce carbon footprints has contributed to remarkable reduction in power consumption in this part of the globe.

On an analysis of drawal of Orissa on 27th and on 28th March 2010 from 15-Minute online data of SLDC available in OERC website for the Earth Hour 2010 period between 08.30 PM to 09.30 PM, he has sent us a report.

We are pleased to share it with the global community.

A On 27th from 09.01 to 09.15 PM, the maximum less drawal was 119, the average less drawal during Earth Hour 2010 was 90 MW.
B On 28th there was liner fall in drawal, 2541MW (8.30PM), 2533MW (8.45PM), 2525MW(9PM),2521MW(9,15PM) and
2519MW(9.30PM) , the less average drawal was only 16.50 MW.
C. During EH -2009 the maximum less drawal and average less drawal was 100MW and 75 MW respectively.

This shows, Earth Hour movement, though slowly, but has steadily gained ground in Orissa.

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