People of Orissa Defeat BJP Design, Throng into Theaters to See Swayamsiddha

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

What the High Court would say on Swayamsiddha is not defining the relevance of the film at the moment, as people of Orissa are astir in celebrating their victory over the BJP evil design to keep it away from their view.

In BJP perception, the film glorifies left wing activism when its producer says, despite depiction of exploitation that the left activists work to exterminate, the film is aimed at ushering the ultras into political mainstream by way of initiating them back into peaceful coexistence.

The BJP had used three methods to obstruct screening of the film. Through one of its youth wing activist, it had filed a writ petition in the High Court seeking a ban on release of the film. When the Court had refused to issue the writ before ascertaining how far Jena’s apprehensions that the film will encourage violence was real, the youth wing of the party met Governor M.C.Bhandare seeking ban on screening of the film and on August 12, they had forced the Halls scheduled to screen the film to close.

In admitting the case referred to above, the High court had constituted a committee to see and study the film and report on whether or not it patronizes to Maoist ideology. The Committee viewed the screening on August 12 and the Court is to pass its verdict after perusing the report.

But the people of Orissa have not waited for what the court would say. On August 13 they have encouraged the theaters to play the film and House-full scenario in every hall that screened the film has greeted their enjoying the defeat of BJP design.

Most of the viewers are of the clear opinion that the Sidhant Mohapatra-Yukta starer is a high caliber creative attempt to show how the dreams of the people have been shattered under administration run by the pro-rich usurpers of power and how harmful are the right viruses to health of the country. This is a perfect gift of our artists to the people in the month of our freedom, now frustrated but eager to resurrect, they feel.

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