Swine Flu and Orissa Branch of Red Cross

In a press note Orissa branch of the Indian Red Cross Society has informed about its role in tackling Swine flu that by August 16 has taken a toll of 9 lives despite treatment.

In supplementing Orissa official efforts to control the epidemic, this branch of IRCS has done its best to sensitize the public and has contributed to creating awareness in schools, colleges and amongst the public about H1N1 in a bid to lessen the spreading panic.

When with the cooperation of the Union Minister of State, Chemicals and Fertilizers, it procured good quantity of single layered N- 95 face masks and supplied them to general public at a fairly reasonable price, with the support of the State health Minister, it could also mobilize the H1N1 preventive vaccine and helped vaccinate the public at a very reasonable charge of Rs. 350/- per vaccine. Both these programs were carried through its popular Jan Aushadhi initiative.

This initiative was not only appreciated but also encouraged by the general public through their overwhelming participation.

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