Election for PCC Chief Stopped Since Lulu Would be Disadvantageous to Navin

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra, popularly known as Lulu Mohapatra, is not only an excellent organizer but also is an activist in who the ruling Biju Janata Dal sees threat to its existence in power. When BJD is in a position to raise corruption charges against any top ranking leader of the Congress Party in Orissa, it would fail to raise any such charge against Mohapatra. Because he is not known as yet for corruption.

Mohapatra has earned a distinction for his principled assaults on BJD. It is because of his astute battle against corruption practiced by the BJD government, Minister of State Rabi Narayan Nanda had to resign despite being the portfolio partner of Chief Minister Navin Patnaik in Water Resources Department.

In him, Congress has the only leader at the moment that is regarded by its student and youth wings as their own man and unfailing guide. He is politically perfectly potent and appropriately assertive to successfully challenge Chief Minister Navin Patnaik. But this is his demerit in the eyes of Congress High Command.

We have on different occasions shown in these pages how the Congress High Command has helped Navin stay in power in Orissa by cleverly sabotaging its State unit at election times.

Navin’s stay in power suits best to POSCO and the likes that by orientation, constitution and approach are pro-Americans. And who doesn’t know how pro-American is the coterie that controls the Congress party at the moment?

Were the election for PCC President been carried out as per its pronounced schedule, there was every possibility of Lulu getting maximum support. It would have been quite disadvantageous to Navin Patnaik. Hence the election has been stopped without any reason on records.

One who doesn’t understand the soft thread of this mischief may not accept this assumption. But bizarre is the game capitalists play.

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  1. I am one with you Sir in your posted views.Uprooting Naveen Pattnayak is a different issue, but now the need of the hour is to select one leader from congress who can at least give a big challenge to the sitting Govt. and in my knowledge he can be none other than L.B.Mohaptra.
    In fact am sure,cent percent sure…..
    But who listens the voice of an activist like me or you?
    Its unfortunate and embarrassing too.
    Anyway, let us hope for the best .

  2. DearSir, It is very sad that politicians are not looking to the problems of the state seriously. It is also sad that Railway Budget is of very menial amount and insignificant. There are lack of doctors everywhere ,no safe water to drink and many such things, the list will be very long. Who is going to lead the state?

  3. Definitely after 15-years of Mr.Pattnaiks rule…people ll want a change
    The one and only visible leader is Lulu Mohapatro …Congress high-command should realise it early and project, rather then making it nebulous

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