The Congress Party is Perhaps Eager to Get Rid of Man Mohan Singh

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Rahul Gandhi’s speech in AICC session on November 3 has made it clear that the Congress Party, disturbed over drastic decline in credibility of Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh, is eager to get rid of him.

The 16th India Today-AC Nelson-ORG-MARG poll at the end of the first year of the anti-communist alliance he leads has shown that he is no more acceptable to the people of India. A massive 99 per cent of participants in the poll refuged to consider him again for the top post.

Therefore perhaps the family that almost owns the Congress – a mass of sycophants of Sonia and Rahul – wants to ease him out by putting him to embarrassment. Rahul’s speech was certainly embarrassing to Dr. Singh, though he has not given vent to his feeling.

Congress sycophants have time and again repeated that Rahul is their candidate for the post of the next Prime Minister. If this is not embarrassing to the incumbent PM, how can one define embarrassment?

Now Rahul himself is trying to embarrass Dr. Singh. That Dr. Singh’s public acceptability has declined drastically is because, informed people are convinced that his economic policy has ruined Indian masses and helped the money grabbers growing as never before. General public of this country is aware of this. We too have discussed many times in these pages how harmful is Singh’s policy for the honest people. Now, Rahul is cunningly saying the same thing.

He told the AICC on November 3 that his public contact over the last five years has convinced him that the country is suffering from a syndrome of two-prongs:
(1) It has been divided into two Indias: India of the rich and India of the poor; and
(2) When India of the rich is growing very fast, India of the poor is languishing.

Though he also said that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s strategy for economic growth is necessary for the poor to march forward, he and his audience knew that he was thereby merely following the Congress practice of political hypocrisy.

In reality, his was the sharpest weapon thrown from inside the Congress Party at Dr. Singh whose economic policy has given birth to this sordid syndrome.

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