Ravenshaw and Vani Vihar Students of 1965 Celebrate Old Friendship

If old friends have a get-together after a very long gap, what happens?

It happens as happened in Hotel Keshari of Bhubaneswar on May 29 when the 1965 batch Post Graduate students of Ravenshaw College, Cuttack and Vani-Vihar, Bhubaneswar had their first meeting after 46 years. Was it celebration of emotion? Yes. But it was more than that. It was effervescence of youth defying age in the hugs and tears of reunion. Of undying memories, it was an occasion of rejuvenation.

With Ms. Helen Mishra in the chair, all who got together narrated about the old days and the bond of friendship. They spoke about their present status, about their families and expressed immense happiness over the meeting.

It was unanimously resolved to bring out a Directory of old students with their brief bio-data, telephone number, address, e-mail ID etc. as soon as possible so that communication with each other can be easier.

Prof. Raj Kishore Mishra was assigned to edit the proposed directory-cum-who’s who , which Mr. Nrusingha Prasad Mishra of Cuttack Students Store (Nuri Mishra) agreed to publish as soon as he gets the copy.

The meeting unanimously nominated Prof. Adwait Mohanty as the President of the 1965 Almunee Association, when Krutibas Mohapatra, Bata Krshna Tripathy and Helen Mishra were nominated as Advisors. Others who were nominated unanimously were
Gopal Patra (Vice-President), Prasanta Patnaik (General Secretary), Prof. Avedananda Mohanty (Treasurer) and Pramod Kar, Nuri Mishra and Prof. Prafulla Mishra (Joint Secretaries).

It was resolved to organize another meeting of more number of members in December this year, which would be attended along with spouses for better interaction among family members also.

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