Pale Petals of Niranjan Rath Released

Inheritant of a rich literary tradition, Niranjan Rath, son of late lamented Pandit Chandra Sekhar Rath of Athgarh, has published his first poetic compilation in English, Pale Petals, which he has also dedicated to the memories of his father. Starting career as a rebellious journalist, self-employed in his language periodical as its editor in Athgarh in the 1980s, Rath, now an executive member of Servants of People Society, has become a part of the publication of Orissa’s household newspaper The Samaja, of which the Society is shown as owner. His book was released at Lajpat Bhawan, Headquarters of the Society, by its newly elected President Omkar Chand, who praised the book as a compilation of Rath’s cultural quests in the context of complexities of contemporary society and strongly recommended the book. The Society’s newly elected vice-President Kishorechandra Tripathy, Secretary Raj Kumar discussed on the book when the author, while welcoming the gathering, gave an introduction of subjects of his writing. Amongst others, President of Delhi Oriya Journalists’ Association Kishore Dwivedy and other office bearers of the Society were present in the function.

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