Media in Orissa Should Make Rahul Reveal His Black Money Stashed in Swiss Banks

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Rahul Gandhi is visiting Orissa. He is attracting attention because, notwithstanding presence of Dr. Manmohan Singh on the seat of the Prime Minister, he is being projected by the Congress party as the man to whom “it is time” to “become the Prime Minister”.

PTI quoted Congress General Secretary Dig Vijay Singh having said on June 19, “I think, it is time that Rahul can become the Prime Minister”. Even as Singh was neither dismissed nor censored by the Congress President, its spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan (who has now been elevated to central council of ministers) clarified on June 21 that Rahul himself would decide as to when he should take over as the PM. “When Rahul will take over as the Prime Minister will be decided by him”, she declared.

This was such an embarrassment to Dr. Singh that on June 29, he had to tell the public that whenever required by the Congress President. “I will be very happy to step down, but so long as I am here I have a job to do”.

Such a statement itself speaks volumes of how the incumbent PM is rendered psychologically unstable on the score of his suitability for the office he is holding. Unprecedented it is, that a sitting Prime Minister is defending his incumbency in such a manner and with such a statement.

Sad, the media in India has not yet looked into this danger to her democracy even though the Prime Minister has delivered this statement through a group of eminent editors of the country.

India is thus in an unprecedented political predicament, because the unmuzzled loudmouths of the Congress party have been trying to tell the people that Rahul will be a better substitute for Manmohan Singh.

However, howsoever loudly Sonia sycophants may be singing glory to her son, it is clear as daylight that Rahul has no originality as a politician. He has not yet defined which political economy he belongs to. He is what he is, because his father had occupied the Prime Minister’s chair which, in this country of simpletons and sycophants, was under possession of his paternal grandmother and his father’s maternal grandfather for the majority of India’s post-independence period when the present PM is also under the control of his mother since the start of his incumbency.

The Congress party having emerged as the benefactor of Corporations, corporate media is cooperating in Rahul’s image-building. This is the reason of public ignorance about Rahul Gandhi.

But media in general, as far as Orissa is concerned, specifically the language media of Orissa, is not yet entirely engulfed by corporate identity. Hence, it may be hoped that during Rahul’s visit, media in Orissa can ask Rahul to clarify his position in matter of black money stashed in his Swiss Bank accounts.

This has already come to public knowledge in other parts of the globe. Switzerland’s top ranking Schweizer Illustrierte had exposed on November 19, 1991 that, “Sonia Gandhi, widow of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, was controlling secret accounts with 2.5 billion Swiss francs (equal to $2.2 billion in her son’s name”, the journal reported. On December 7, 1991, Amal Datta of CPI(M) had raised this issue in the Parliament, but Gandhi’s name was expunged from the proceedings by speaker Shivraj Patil, whose loyalty to Gandhi family reminds one of a dog’s loyalty to its owner.

Swiss bank accounts being multiple profit fetching accounts, this amount, in Indian money, must have exceeded Rs.50 thousand crores by now, a recent analysis has revealed.

With Rahul’s family factotums in power, his black money coffers in Swiss banks are of course kept beyond public gaze.

However, there is reason to suspect that he / his family has accounts in foreign banks beyond Switzerland too.

An acclaimed journalist Yevgenia Albata has quoted in her book THE STATE WITHIN A STATE: THE KGB AND ITS HOLD ON RUSSIA – PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE a KGB letter that had sought for permission to pay Rajiv Gandhi’s family in US Dollars revealing inter alia that when he was not even made the Prime Minister, but was all to the good in KGB top circle as the son of the Prime Minister of India, he was expressing deep gratitude for the benefits his family was deriving “from the commercial dealings of the firms” he was controlling “in co-operation with the Soviet foreign trade organisations”. The KGB document revealed that, “R.Gandhi reports confidentially that a substantial portion of the funds through this channel are used to support the party of R.Gandhi”. (p.223)

These are documented exposures that Rahul gandhi cannot pretend to be ignorant of. These are instances of treachery that fellows to whom politics is a profit fetching business play against the country.

Media in Orissa should discharge its duties to the people of the State by trying to know from Rahul of his coffers secreted in foreign banks as revealed by at least the two documents quoted supra and sharing the same with the people of the State who needs to be rightly informed on the person whom Congress is building up as its leader and projecting as fit enough to take over as Prime Minister of the country, the day he decides.

The country needs to be saved from professional politicians to whom politics is the safest way to stash their black money looted from the country away in foreign banks.

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  1. The opposition was in power from1996 TO 2004-long 8 years.Why could n’t they solve the mystery of black money belonging to Nehru-Gandhi family and bring it to public domain so that this issue of Swiss a/c of Nehru-Gandhi family would have been settled once for all. Sonia Gandhi has replied to LK Advani recently that neither she nor Rajiv had any Swiss a/c. Rahul may have an advantage in starting/launching his political career as he belongs to Gandhi family. But ultimately he has to prove himself in a democracy

    • Dear Sri Mohanty,
      Let us wonder, what stops Sonia to swear in a judicial affidavit that the Schweizer Illustrierte report is absolutely baseless and false, when it is well on records that the paper has officially confirmed its report?

      Albats’ has, in her esteemed book, quoted Sonia’s family link with black money secreted, from a letter of a KGB head. If this is not authentic, why Sonia, the de facto head of India government is not making her government take up the matter officially with the Russia government to ensure that the KGB contradict the report on its letter?

      India’s highly esteemed daily, The Hindu, the credibility of which has always remained beyond question, in its edition of July 4, 1992 had reported, “The Russian foreign Intelligence Service admits the possibility that the KGB could have been involved in arranging profitable Soviet contacts for the company controlled by Rajiv Gandhi family”. Why Sonia is silent on this so far? Why she is not asking her government to take up the matter with the government of Russia and ensure that their Foreign Intelligence Service counter the Hindu report on the matrix of facts, if her family has no secret company under its control to which KGB had not favored with arranging profitable Soviet contacts?

      The so-called denial to what Advani alleged has no relevance. Let her come up with a judicially authenticated affidavit and then that can be tested against facts and if found correct, be considered as a credible countering.

      As on your query as to why the Opposition “could not solve the mystery of black money belonging to Nehru-Gandhi family and bring it to public domain so that this issue of Swiss a/c of Nehru-Gandhi family would have been settled once for all” , you may find the answer in several discussions in these pages. However, for instant reference, you may please come to this link:

      These fellows never differ from each other in political economy. They are the dogs of the same breed and pack with similar purpose. Their masters are the looters of India whose properties have never had any ceiling. By serving these looters, these dogs, attired as politicians, also amass black money and stash that in secret foreign accounts, instances of which, with ready reference to Sonia-Rahul family, has been exposed at least by two credible sources not contradicted so far.

      I hope, love for the motherland will guide us in this matter.
      Thanks for the debate.
      Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

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