During my stay in New York, I have suffered a great loss in sad demise of Rabi Narayan Mohanty, my friend in trade union movement of journalists in Orissa, who, heading the Bhubaneswar bureau of now defunct Prajatantra for many years, had salvaged Nyayavati – a journal once being published from my native area of Athgarh – and steered it into a recognized daily as its editor. He was a man of deep affection for friends and profound appreciation for foes.

He will be fondly remembered by the press and the people of Orissa who know him well.

His wife had spent her childhood in my village Tigiria and was the most intimate friend of my younger sister Lily. Therefore, even though Rabi Narayan was Rabi bhai to me, his wife is always a younger sister to me. I have no word to console her and her children. Because I have no word to console myself.

Orissa Press will certainly miss the man in whose ever smiling face it was seeing its lively reflection. Always.

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