Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Welcome, Transformer of Time, 2012, welcome!

You have made 2011 a history. But the past Year has handed you over a world, where, happily, capitalism is crumbling. You are to march ahead towards its total extermination.

Begun on 17 September 2011 in the heartland of capitalism, at Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district of New York City, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement has generated world awakening against Economy of Inequality and the apt slogan of the movement – WE ARE THE 99% – has started echoing in every heart that love the fellow beings. The past Year has handed you over the responsibility to carry forward this epoch making movement. You are to march ahead.

Anti-people elements in different parts of the globe have used all means to strengthen religious fundamentalism in order to keep Economy of Inequality continue giving them their desired advantage; but happily, the toiling majority has refused to be misled, as a result of which, religions, everywhere, have lost their primordial positions. The past Year has handed over to you the responsibility of furthering this relegation of religions in order to ensure evolution of humane values addressed to extinction of societal exploitation. You are to march ahead.

Despite State Terror, progressive people have everywhere strengthened their solidarity in order to wipe out exploitation of every type. The past Year has handed over you the responsibility of furthering this solidarity. You are to march ahead.

When everywhere the agents of capitalism have suffered setbacks last year, mass movements have so very distinctly gathered momentum against plutocracy that fellows in power have been forced to make their repressive laws more stringent, which indicates, how mad have they become in seeking refuge from the doom of their hegemony. The past Year has handed over to you the responsibility of expediting their doom, so that the world shall be a better place to live in. You are to march ahead.

We are sure, the responsibilities handed over to you by the past year would be best discharged by making the world adopt Economy of Equality for which you shall have to transform plutocracies into democracies by unmasking the agents of the rich that represent the poor in almost all houses of representatives. And, in systems of single person hegemony, you shall have to enkindle determination for democracy, so that, Economy of Equality becomes the Political Economy of the entire world.

With this hope, we welcome you, transformer of Time, 2012, to our midst. You are to march ahead.

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