Luise Tschabuschnig of USA and Adrien Meszaros of Hungary Awarded with Aekalavya Sammana 2012 at Bhubaneswar: Prasanta Lauds Lasyakala

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Dancers Luise Tschabuschnig from USA and Adrien Meszaros from Debrecen, Hungary were awarded with Aekalavya Sammana 2012 on 7th January in a colorful function organized at Ravindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar on occasion of the 4th Annual Day celebrations of Lasyalila, a city-based institution of Odissi Dance.

Ekalavya, a tribal boy, who, being debarred from learning in the School of Guru Drona as there were reading the royal children, had, by watching the Guru’s teachings on archery from a distance, excelled in the discipline to the extent of defeating all his royal disciples belonging to Kaurav and Pandav segments of Hastinapur including the very great Arjuna, was the most unique hero of the epic Mahabharat that did never participate in and win any day of the greatest war, but remained the most incomparable winner of every heart, because, it was he, and he alone, that had chopped off his right thumb, the essential limb for perfect archery, on demand from the warrior Brahmin as his Dakshina (return-gift for education obtained), sans any hesitation, so that the teacher’s tutelage should stay supreme, even though he knew that, thereby, thereafter, all his self-acquired achievements in archery would be of no use.

So, from the epic days to to-day, Ekalavya stands synonym with disciple’s devotion to teacher’s tutelage.

In the name of this Ekalavya, on his model, Lasyakala has named its Annual Award as Aekalavya Samman.

The occasion was, presentation of this Samman for the fourth annual time.

Senior journalist Prashant Pattnaik presented the Sammana to the two foreign artists in presence of guests of honor, Ex-Chief Minister Giridhara Gamanga, Actress Anu Chowdhry and noted Odissi Dancer Sujata Mishra.

In presenting the honors Patnaik lauded Lasyakala for its efforts to further the Guru Sishya Parampara (tradition of the disciple’s devotion to teacher) and for promoting the Indian classical dance in the process, when disciples in many areas such as politics, art and literature are seen going away from the tradition of giving due respect to their mentors.

Matching the title of the Sammana, Guru (Dr.) Illiana Citarist and her disciple, the young Odissi exponent Saswat Joshi staged the Abhinaya of Akalavya and Karna respectively.

The evening witnessed classic performances by Senior Odissi Dancer, Guru Meera Das and her team too.

Sourav Roy and Tabsmi Paul Mazumdar also enthralled the auditorium with Kathak.

And, by these excellent performances, for long three hours, the audience stayed spellbound.

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