Thanks Dear Readers, Have the Best of Days Ahead

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

WordPress annual report for 2011 makes me aware of a mirror focused on me. I see in it also the reflection of my readers.

According to the report, in Asia, the majority of my readers belongs to my motherland. The report says, when 97.6 % of my Asian readers reside in India, 0.3 % belong each to United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. 0.2 % of my Asian readers reside in Pakistan.

Of my North American readers, 94.7 % belong to the United States whereas 4.3 % of them are in Canada, 0.7 % are in The Bahamas and 0.3 % belong to Mexico.

In South America, 75.0 % of my readers belong to Brazil, whereas 16.7 % belong to Argentina and 8.3 % to Peru.

When Poland has 31.1 % of my European readers, the United Kingdom has 17.2%, Germany has 7.7 %, France has 5.5 % and Netherlands too has 5.5 % of them.

Nigeria has the maximum number of my African readers comprising 38.5 % whereas 15.4 % of them belong to South Africa as against Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire and Sudan having 7.7 % each.

In Oceania, 87.0 % of my readers belong to Australia and 13.0 % to New Zealand.

My words would certainly be inadequate to express thanks to my esteemed readers belonging to all these places in the world, even as the report makes me devote my energy in its entirety to write, as always, in honoring my readers’ right to be informed.

Thanks, dear readers, thanks.

On this occasion, I also thank the critics, commentators, subscribers, writers, photo contributors, theme supporters and my dear team and the founder, The NEWS Syndicate. I thank the WordPress for the most watching and noble partnership.

Have the very best days ahead.

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