It is Time, Congress Should Change the Prime Minister

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is good that the people of Goa, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh have thrown the party of Sonia family factotums into the dustbin of democracy, giving it also a severe test of public wrath at Uttarakhand.

But, it is bad that in all these provinces, communal factors have gained.

If non-muslim communalism has gained in Goa, Punjab and Uttarakhand, in Uttar Pradesh pro-muslim communalism has given the strength to the winner Samajvadi Party.

Manipur, the only state where Congress has won, is in a continuous confused condition. Communal conflicts between Hindu Meities of Manipur valley and the Christian Tribes of its hill areas has not only paralyzed political thinking power of the people, but also, by contributing to emergence of incendiary ethnic insurgency, has helped political mafia to rise high through criminalization of insurgent groups – 24 active groups as per ‘Insurgency or Ethnic Conflict‘ by S.C.Sharma, Magnum, 2000 (page 217-18) , that help the mafia grab power by fetching their support in drug trafficking and contract orders. As such, Manipur has become a state where politicians in power have metamorphosed from “penniless to millionaires”, as a media has captioned. In such a state, the Congress victory looks not like a political victory, but like a victory of corruption, communalization, criminalization and oppression.

So, in reality, communalism has gained ground in the Assembly elections in five provinces. Democracy, as provided for in the Constitution of India, has failed.

The Assembly poll results portend that, when the country goes to the general election for Parliament, the Congress may not be able to fetch a fresh mandate.

And, that would be most unfortunate for India.

With the mainstream Communists in disarray and the real left activists yet not strong enough to occupy power, the Congress is the only platform to save India from communalists, religious revivalists, regional chauvinists, caste supremacists, caste addicts, societal separatists and economic parasites.

But with agents of imperialism, with protectors of the black-money stashed in foreign banks, with collaborators of commission agents, with factotums of Nehru clan attired as politicians, the Congress will never gain back people’s confidence.

Instead of rallying around Rahul despite the debacle precipitated by him, it would be proper for Congress to correct the wrongs it has been rejected for.

It can begin with by changing the Prime Minister who primarily is responsible for all that has destroyed India’s national resolve for socialism and distanced the Congress from the people.

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