A physical fitness equipment outlet styled ‘Fitness Mart’ was inaugurated on march 23 in Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar by senior journalist Prasanta Patnaik in presence of professional colleague Premananda Dash. The unit is promoted by two young Oriya entrepreneurs Bhramarbar Malla and Saroj Kumar Sahu.

With shrinking of public parks and open spaces, as density of population grow phenomenally in the city, gyms are increasingly emerging as labs of fitness, for which equipments are essential, said Sri Patnaik.

Health clubs and gymnasiums are best when run on community initiatives; yet, individuals to whom membership therein is not alluring for any reason, can develop personal gyms in their respective homes with the equipments that the Mart can supply, he said.

He, however cautioned that it should always be proper for individuals to take physician advice as to which short of exercise and equipment should best suit them and stressed on health awareness.

Both Malla and Sahu informed that the the outlet would supply the equipments at the door steps of the consumers with all technical support.

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