Mohini Mohan Makes a Marvelous Mix of Odishi and Hindustani with Folk Tunes on World Music Day

Utkal University of Culture celebrated World Music Day with legendary flutist, Prof. Mohini Mohan Pattanaik making a mix of Odishi and Hindustani with Orissa’s folk tunes in the evening of July 6 at Jaya Dev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar, to start the event. He captioned it as ‘Tridhara’ (mixure of the three streams: Odishi, Hindustani and Folk) while glossing it with a bit of western stint.

Addressed by the State’s Minister of Culture Prafulla Samal, the occasion was used to felicitate two eminent senior musicians: Pandit Bishwanath Pujapanda (Odishi vocal) and Guru Dhanurdhara Reddy (Mrudanga).

Odishi Brunda Gayana that exemplified how superb is classicality of Oriya songs was collectively performed by students of Odishi department of the University in two twin episodes. When the Raganga episode with the Madhyamadi meter in rhythm Ekatali was composed and conducted by Guru Ramahari Das, the Nrutang episode, depicting how a love-lorn heart simmers in ecstasy as earth receives the rhythms of rain, was conducted by Guru Dhiraj Mohapatra. Guru Dibakar Parida and Guru Anil Parichha were on Pakhauj.

The Hindustani vocal performed by students of the University had the instrumental support from Guru Laxmi Prasad Pattanayak (violin), Guru Upendra Kumar Swain and Guru Gadadhar Saran (Tabla) and was conducted by Guru Karunakar Nayak.

The last item was Tala Badya Bichitra, composed and directed by Guru Sandip Kumar Raut and conducted by Prof. Jagannath Kuanr. Students of the University were on Tabla (Binod Bihari Biswal), Mardal (Rashmi Ranjan Misra), Ghatam (Soumya Ranjan Nayak), Dholak (Prabhas Basantray), Dhol (Baibhav Kumar Das) and Dhumsa (Sitakant Jena. When Ms. Manisha Mishra performed Bol Padhant, Kshiti Prakash rendered the vocal support. Guru Nirmal Nayak gave the Harmonium support when Guru Laxmi Prasad Pattanayak enriched the event with Violin.

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