Friends and Fans Celebrate as Prasanta Patnaik becomes 72

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

For the first time, perhaps, a birthday is celebrated in Bhubaneswar in a public place in such a very unique and memorable manner.

The venue is a tea stall in the old Bus Stand which now houses books shops and magazine stalls. It is named Khati by its patrons. Khati stands typically for a meeting place of friends indulging in light talks. But, here, a good many numbers of journalists, authors, social workers, progressive thinkers and radical intellectuals congregate every morning; and, over cups of tea discuss burning issues with alert inputs and renew their camaraderie and commitment, as mutual affection and respect for each other effervesce with humor and liveliness.

Here, this morning, to intimate friends and fans, eminent journalist Prasanta Patnaik emerged a young man of 72. Almost all the daily visitors to the Khati and fans of Patnaik greeted him with wishes for continuance of his ever brilliant innings as sentinel of public interest.

The birthday was formally celebrated by his family in the evening at his residence.

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