Pranab in the “Dumping Yard” of the Ruling Gang for Their Failing Colleagues

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

With massive presence of accused and under-trial criminals, economic offenders, logrollers, compradors, and mafia in the electoral college, P. A. Sangma could not win the race for the Rastrapati Bhawan. But the epithet he created for the Rastrapati Bhawan – a dumping yard of the ruling gang for failing colleagues – would not be wiped out with inauguration of Pranab Mukherjee as President of India.

Howsoever he may try to be seen otherwise, he will continue to be recalled as a sycophant of Sonia Gandhi. The President’s chair shall continue to be seen with his launching into it as a chair available to any choice of a ruling party boss in India’s prevalent political environment wherein saboteurs of the constitution rule the roost.

The people of India, in general, are in insurmountable indigence, with assets of the nation gone into the pockets of a few, under a regime that the compradors control, ever since Pranab Mukherjee acted a pivot in throwing India into the grip of imperialism on signing GATT behind back of the Parliament. Howsoever he tries, he cannot undo this record of history and whenever, henceforth, one will look at the Rastrapati Bhawan, it would pain him to be reminded of how the earmarked august house is vulnerable to occupation by a saboteur of the country.

It will remind one that the Rastrapati Bhawan is occupied by one who has played a motivated role in ruining Indian economy in the name of reforms touted to be the best for the country; but failed to bring in good results, if any, as was promised to be brought.

Pranab’s inauguration as President is nothing but an emphatic indication to the painful reality that as a nation we are failing.

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