Socialism in Coma, Can be Revived to Save India: Prof. Pralaya Kanungo

Socialism cannot be kept crushed, howsoever strong be its opponents, said Prof. Pralaya Kanungo of J.N.U. at Bhubaneswar on the occasion of birth anniversary of progressive periodical Janatantra on September 28. Though in coma, it can be revived to save India, if the supporters of political economy of socialism get earnestly united against agents of capitalism, he said.

Addressing the topic – Can contemporary media contribute to socialism in India – he, as the chief guest, observed that the phenomenal growth of Occupy Wall Street movement in the very heartland of capitalism in USA is a pointer to the fact that socialism cannot die howsoever much may the imperialists wish. The capitalists know that socialism is the ultimate purpose of the people. Therefore, they even try to convince the people of their support for socialism. The concept of ‘global social democracy’ is pregnant with this mischief, he pointed out. To defeat this mischief, conscious working journalists and sincere leaders standing for socialism must stay away from the mentality of wealth accumulation so that despite corporate impact eclipsing the monumental media organizations, socialism shall have its way to save the people, he said.

Under the sway of corporate culture, mainstream media houses are in use to cultivate their audiences as targeted consumers for the open market, said chief speaker Dr. Birendra Nayak. When socialism is not expected to have any support from big Medias, the small journals and publications even in electronic sector are forums from where socialism gets its legitimate support, he said.

Prof. Nilamani Sahu found the answer in more people adopting socialism as their creed, which may force even the bigger media houses to devote their spaces to socialism.

Editor of Janatantra, Vivekanand Das, in introducing the topic, had pointed out that both the major political parties – the congress and the BJP – are not officially against socialism; because socialism constitutes the core of the preamble of Indian constitution. Yet, socialism is not in operation, as media is failing to educate the people in this matter. It is therefore essential to examine whether or not media should address itself to socialism.

Executive editor of the journal Basudev Mohapatra, who presided over the event, observed that corporate media is busy in converting news consumers to corporate citizenship. This mischief must be consciously exposed and defeated if India is to be saved and set on the track the freedom fighters had contemplated.

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