Samaja Editor served with Damage Notice worth Rs.1 Crore by the Family of Sub-Editor Devi Prasanna Nayak

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is increasingly being clear that the once most popular language daily of Orissa, The Samaja, is in the worst phase of its life. Its editorial conscience is rendered unstable. Massive corruption has crippled its normal functioning. Employees are being subjected to alarming unfair labor practices and acts of intimidations by a gang, the legitimacy of which has been judicially challenged by the officiating President of the Servants of the People Society, which, again, is suspected to have hijacked The Samaja by using a forged Will of its original owner, late Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das.

The gang, whose legitimacy is challenged by the SoPS authority, comprises fellows whose moral turpitude and corruption had come under the radar of Justice Arijit Pasayat Committee of Inquiry, leading to its recommendations for action against them.

This gang has, sans any proven legitimacy, appointed a board of management and has allegedly arbitrarily changed the printer and publisher of the paper and has re-empowered a manager whom the officiating president of SoPS had, on records, divested of his responsibilities and asked to go on long leave.

This gang is playing havoc with jobs of the journalists and non-journalist employees of The Samaja with the apparent intention to keep them intimidated. Transfer and suspension of Sub-Editor Devi Prasanna Nayak is an instance. Sri Nayak , besides being an acclaimed journalist, is the President of the Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association, the recognized and the only one trade union of the Samaja employees and therefore a protected workman under the Industrial disputes Act. Sri Nayak is not being allowed entry into the premises of the paper by the alleged hijackers of The Samaja, as hired musclemen termed security guards are engaged to keep him out of the newspaper campus. Thus the trade union is being strangulated. The trade union has raised a dispute against this malpractice and illegality and the concerned labor office has issued repeated notices to the employer to respond to the allegations. But the gang has kept the labor office notices hidden from the SoPS authority, for which the Opposite Party is conspicuous by its absence in the labor laws implementation forum.

This gang, on the other hand, has tried to damage the reputation of Sri Nayak by misusing the space of The Samaja to feed the public with derogatory information on him. Sri Nayak is a distinguished journalist with an unblemished career and a very promising future. Everybody who knows him deeply knows that he is a totally disciplined person dedicated to his profession and wholeheartedly committed to virtues of journalism. Besides, he belongs to a highly esteemed family, well connected with the society. Spread of derogatory information about him that paints him as an absconding man of misconduct by this gang in the pages of the newspaper, in order only to intimidate the employees whose union he leads, is taken very seriously by his fans, friends as well as his family.

Mrs. Nayak has immediately sent a notice of damage to three persons who carry the orders of this gang in The Samaja. They are, (1) Gopalkrishna Mohapatra, (2) Niranjan Rath and (3) C.R.Das

The Notice says:

Whereas in page 4 of The Samaja dated 31.10.2012 a notice has been published addressed to my husband Sri Devi Prasanna Nayak under a boxed caption ‘NOTICE TO BE PRESENT IN THE DOMESTIC ENQUIRY’;

And whereas in the said notice attempts have been made to denigrate the image of my husband in public eyes;

And whereas the author of this notice, C.R. Dash has no legitimacy to issue such notice in the known environment of disputes over management of Servants of the People Society before the appropriate court of law;

And whereas Sri Niranjan Rath has no legitimacy under the same environment to publish such a piece of character assassination of my husband;

And whereas Sri Gopal Krushna Mohapatra is responsible for anything published in Samaja as its editor;

Now, therefore, I issue this notice, that you all three must publicly apologize to my husband and to my family for having played such mischief against the reputation of my husband as well as my family within a week of issuance of this notice in the same paper, at the same place, in the same format, failing which I will sue you three individually and collectively for a damage worth at least a Crore of Rupees against each in the appropriate court, over and above any prosecution deemed proper against the crime involved.

This notice has been issued on November 1, 2012.

It was never expected that Utkalmani’s noble spirit shall get killed in the premises of the paper he founded. But this is now the shocking reality.

The media persons of the State are silently but keenly keeping a watch.

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  1. Dear Subhas babu,
    You and Sr.Journalist Sri Barendra Krushna Dhal always expose the characterless political rulers and corrupt and unruly bureaucrats, who, by their misrule push Orissa into peril.

    Sir, if you make a visit to OMFED office you will find how during Hrushikesh Panda’s tenure women employees were worst hit with their modesty eclipsed under sexist shadows of administration. Situation was so bleak, that the aftermath forced two women employees into divorce, as their respective husbands were confronted with CDs carrying such depictions that no conservative husband could have tolerated. You will find, some women workers were terminated. The termination was known to the workers of OMFED as outcome of their refusal to obey whatever the boss desired.

    Before Panda joined OMFED, its reserve was Rs.20 core and net profit in 2006-07 was Rs.1.6 cores. After he joined, in 2007-08 the net loss became Rs.1.8 cores and the entire reserve exhusted, OMFED had to borrow a loan of Rs.30 cores, where as after he left, in 2008-09 the net profit again rose to Rs.1.5 cores. The reason of the loss during his tenure has never been investigated into. But the OMFED workers know that, he had gone abroad 15 times and made 15 films and indirectly had taken Rs.10 cores from OMFED funds. Through one GM he had purchased Bulk Cooler, Bulk Tanker and cattle feeds and medicine at 40% higher price, the OMFED insiders know.

    If only a vigilance inquiry in true sense of inquiry could be instituted to the cause of the loss of OMFED during Panda’s period; and if the reasons of divorce of two lady employees and termination of a few more women workers during his tenure could be included in the same inquiry, I am sure, the should be no difficulty for the government to understand the folly in having such persons in responsible positions.

    • Dear Balkrishnna babu,
      Aware of your connections with OMFED, sans any prejudice, we publish your comment with the hope that the State Government would use its machinery to find out if the allegations you have raised are true. We strongly endorse your proposal for an inquiry by the vigilance wing, as thereby, the wrongs that crippled OMFED may be ascertained and the executive government may stay away from repeating the wrongs.

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