Bhubaneswar Honors the Best Friend of Man under the Auspices of Orissa Kennel Club

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Year after year, Orissa Kennel Club (OKC) offers the opportunity to honor man’s best friend in the Capital City of the State, where ancient monuments continue to shower their blessings on the modern township.

French mastiff

This year, this opportunity came on December 9, when the OKC offered the ‘All Breeds Championship Dog Show’ preceded by ‘Obedience Trials’ on December 8.

judges welcomed
The event comprised the 43rd and 44th Championship Dog Shows where Mr. Percival Rodger Green of South Africa and Mr. Thomas Y. H. Lim of Singapore joined as judges respectively. India’s famous Canine Education expert Mr. J. Rangarajan was the ‘Obedience’ judge.

The best exhibits as per Mr. Green

judge rodger greenMr. Green has very vast experience in breeding and exhibiting champion dogs and in leading Kennel Clubs. He was President of Goldfields Kennel Club for twelve years and was a member of the Federal Council and the Executive Committee of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. Having judged at almost all the major events in South Africa, since 1971, he has imparted judging in Austalia on six occasions, three occasions each in Brazil, Zambia and New Zealand, and Six occasions in India. Kennel Clubs at Peru, Canada, Norway, Thailand, Tasmania and Zimbabwe have also been benefited from his judging skill.

Under his judgment, Mr. Indranil Mukhopadyay’s German Shepherd Juri Vomstieglerhof bagged the Best Breed award in the 43rd Championship Dog Show, even as in the rest Best in the show Line-up, Ms. Paromita Mukherjee’s Labrador Retriever Rightway’s Winnie was second, Mr. Bikash Deb’s German Shepherd Bitch Chiravom Kirchturm (third), Mr. Subrata Chottopadyay’s Doberman Pincher Ind.Ch.Spirit of the Braves Armani (fourth), Mr. Saurabh Chaudhury’s Golden Retriever Ind. Ch. Especially Made Dezelkova (fifth), Mr. Subhasish Haldar’s Beagle Blueline Wright Run (sixth), Mr. Amarsh Pattanaik’s Rottweiller Hulk (seventh), Mr. Samrat Ghosh’s Pug Rock (eighth).

Ms. Paromita Mukherjee’s Labrador Retriever Rightway’s Winnie was the Best Breed in India Exhibit in the Show whereas Mr. Saurav Ghosh’s Golden Retriever Rock was adjudged the Best Puppy exhibit.

The Best Exhibits as per Mr. Lim

judge thomas limMr. Thomas Lim, holder of All Breeds License to judge and award Challenge Certificates at all Sanctioned and Championship Shows, has judged extensively in Singapore, Malaysia, Sarawak, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Wales, England, Brazil, Bolivia, China, Vietnam and India. He has also judged Cocker Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, Shetland Sheepdog, Beagle, Curly Coated Retriever, Poodle, Dachshund, Papilon and Pomeranian specialty Shows in England, S.Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and Indonesia.

In his judgment, Chiara Vom Kirchturm, a German Shepherd bitch jointly owned by Mr. Bikash Deb and Mr. Aswini Singh was the Best in Show in the 44th Championship, where the other best in show line-up were Mr. Ashis Dey’s Dachshund Std. (smooth-haired) dog Ind.Gr Ch Deywoo’s Eacball (2nd best exhibit), Ms. Salini Sahab’s Golden Retriever Bonett Bride Blended Whisky (3rd best exhibit), Mr. Samrat Ghosh’s Pug Rock (4th best exhibit), Mr. P. K. Ghosh’s Beagle Bunglewood’s Glock (5th best exhibit), Mr. Bikash Deb’s and Mr. Aswaini Singh’s jointly owned Akita Ashrafarm’s Dunhil Luxury (sixth best exhibit), Mr.Mrinal and Mr. S. Nandy’s jointly owned Fox Terrier (smooth-haired) Ch. Mastan (seventh best exhibit) and Mr. Suman Mandal’s Boxer Silver Clouds Image of Spirit (eighth best exhibit).

The Best Breed in India Exhibit in the Show was Mr. Ashis Dey’s Dachshun Std (smooth-haired) Ind.Gr.Ch.Deywoo’s Eacball and the Best Puppy Exhibit in the Show was Bunglewood’s Glock, a beagle owned by Mr. P. K. Ghosh.

The Best in Obedience as per Mr. Rangarajan

J-RANGARAJANMr. J. Rangarajan, belonging by birth to a dog-lovers’ family, is one of India’s most celebrated Canine Education Instructors. Founder of the Woodstock Dog Training School at Chennai, which also has branches in USA, he is a Kennel Club of India license-holder judge in Obedience Trials as well as an American Kennel Club approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. In USA, he had headed the Canine Security Division of a Security Company as its Vice-President; had a stint with Petco at Chicago as CEI running Group Obedience Training Classes. He is a member of various professional organizations like International Association for Canine Professions, USA; Association of Pet Dog Training, USA; American Society for Industrial Security, USA. While he is looking after his Canine Schools and professional assignments in both India and USA, he has been appointed to the first ever ‘Search and Rescue Service Dog Squad in the country by the Tamil Nadu Government to train dogs for search and rescue works under the Fire and Rescue Services.

Under his judgment, Rose, a Rottweiler owned by Joy Banik was the winner of the Obedience Trials held on December 8.

The Show was held in the Veterinary Grounds of Orissa Veterinary College in Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology campus under care of a Technical Committee comprising Orissa Kennel Club founder Dr. S. K. Ray, Club General Secretary S. R. Prusti, Executive member Rabindranath Sahoo, former Chief of Police Dog Squad Gobardhan Pattanaik, and C. R. Pattanaik, Santosh Biswas and Pradipta Mohanty.

When S. R. Prusti, Siddhartha Mohanty, Rabindranath Sahoo, Dr. S.K.Ray, David Wunn, Pradipta Mohanty, Santosh Biswas, Pritam Jena and Sanket Satpathy constituted the Show Committee, Dr. D. N. Panda, Dr. N. Sahu, Dr. M.R. Das, Dr. S. B. Swain, Dr. S.K.Senapati, Dr. I. Nath, Dr. Surendra Nayak, Dr. J.C.Jena, Dr. R.C.Patra, Dr. S, Biswal, Dr. Gitarani Jena, Dr. R. K. Das and Dr. Jasmit Singh were the veterinary experts.

GREAT DANE 1st. bernardsKUHU 5

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