A Prime Minister of no self-respect

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is sad that Sri Manmohan Singh has not yet resigned.

He should have asked the Congress President to suspend Rahul Gandhi forthwith for stark indiscipline, immediately after he called him nonsense in training the obnoxious word for the ordinance he crafted to protect elected representatives from the sway of the Supreme Court judgement in WP ( C ) 490 of 2005 and WP ( C ) 231 of 2005 delivered by Justice A. K. Patnaik on July 10, 2013 issuing a mandamus for debarment of a jailed person from contesting election and for immediate disqualification of a convicted criminal from membership of any legislative house.

Had Sonia not heard him, he should have resigned. But he has not.

He stands sans any credibility now.

He should have quashed his scheduled Sunday talk with his Pakistani counterpart after Nawaz Sharif’s asinine remark equating him with a dehati aurat got spread by a Pakistani reporter to the total embarrassment of India. But he did not.

Barkha Dutt’s acrobatics notwithstanding, India is not accepting that Sharif’s dehati aurat was just a misconstrued pick from “an allegorical tale” he had told on a cup of tea.

Singh is of course a master in keeping mum on serious allegations. And, now also he shall do nothing but keeping mum.

History shall record him as a prime minister of no self-respect.

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