Gramotsava’13 of XIMB will have fairs at Begunia and Salepur

(News from XIMB)

Gramotsava 2013 will commence on October 04 for three days with launching ceremony at XIMB auditorium.

This rural marketing extravaganza is one-of-its-kind inasmuch as while trying to promote rural products among the rural masses, it has emerged a connecting thread between the companies, commodities and the consumers. XIMB organizes it every year. This year, it organizes relevant fairs at Begunia in the district of Khurda on October 05 and at Salepur in the district of Cuttack on October 06.

A three-day gala event, Gramotsava’13 promises to be an enthralling yet a very meaningful carnival. Like every year, the Rural Manager’s Association of XIMB plays the lead role in designing the entire three-day course of events. All the three days are filled with vibrant ideas from the bright young minds of the institute.


But the preparation to all of this starts much ahead of the final days. The fervor sets in two to three months in advance. It starts with a series of in-house promotional activities. The creativity that students show during making of the posters, invitations, and creating a mascot is unparalleled. The hectic schedule of the institute is no deterrent for the students and every student tries to bring forth his share of dedication to the table. The next round is usually the out-bound promotions. Along with that, sponsorships are arranged, locations are decided and products are decided. A considerable amount of research goes behind these activities. The second-years help their juniors in taking the major decisions and help them in every way possible. A unique bond develops between the students of the institute, who work for hours together, displaying their impeccable artistic capabilities, usually over cups of hot coffee and some good music.

3This hard-work pays off during the final days of Gramotsava when the people from the neighboring villages come and express their gratitude. This is indeed a very unique way of marketing, where the people get knowledge about various companies and products. From financial products to agricultural products, from clean drinking water to FMCG products- the rural populace get an insight into every possible sector of the current market. The roaring success of Gramotsava year after year since its inception is a proof of how much gap still remains between rural and urban India. This event is only a small though a very strong step towards bridging this gap.

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