Situation in Delhi changes; media anarchists' conspiracy to precipitate chaos punctured

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The TV channels that were trying to execute the secret agenda of BJP to stymie the forward march of AAP would no more be able to precipitate chaos, as Arvind Kejriwal has withdrawn his Dharana demonstration after the Union Government took steps against the erring police officers. At least the present phase of their proactive plutocratic mischief in the guise of crying for democracy is over.

Kejriwal has termed it a victory for the people. But, victory is far away from reality, inasmuch as the police is yet to be put under control of the Government of Delhi.

Delhi is a place of crime, because the criminals take advantage of absence of answerability of the police to the Delhi Government. This must change and the Parliament, with the onus lying on the Union Government, must make necessary provisions for the change.

And, to make sure that the change comes, the issue raised by Kejriwal must not be belittled and/or abandoned.

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