1962 Chinese aggression: Times Now silent about the real factor of India’s debacle

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is 9.50 PM at Bhubaneswar.

Just now there is going on a debate on India’s debacle in 1962 Chinese aggression strategically aimed at embarrassing the Congress for benefit of BJP in election environment, while highlighting allegations that the enquiry report thereon was suppressed as then Prime Minister Nehru’s faults could have come to public gaze.

The people of the country have the inherent right to know where we erred in 1962. There has been lot of hush to save the face of Nehru. Because of his dreamy dreamy desire for global recognition as the most charismatic leader of India, he had committed many blunders, specifically in believing the mafias that were then entering into politics and grabbing power.

One of them was Biju Patnaik of Orissa, to whom, despite opposition from defense minister Krishna Menon, he had allotted the contract of supply of essentials to our soldiers in the boarder. Biju patnaik sold them in the black market instead of delivering them to our soldiers. We were defeated and lost around 12000 sr.kms to China because of this treason of Biju Patnaik. An commission of inquiry headed by Katju had found that Biju’s Kaling Airlines had disposed of essential supplies meant for the soldiers engaged in defending our boarder in various black markets. Parliament had very sharp debates over the matter, but the Nehru Government had refused to make the report public, lest Nehru’s wrongful patronage to Biju was exposed.

I have exposed this mischief many times in context of biju. Even when he was the Chief Minister of Orissa, I had published on 8.2.1996 the details of his treason in my column ‘Singhavalokana’ which is compiled in my book Biju Patnaik, Bharata Bharati, Cuttack,2009.

In ORISSA MATTERS too, my keyboard has exposed on how Biju was responsible for our debacle and loss in 1962.

As Modian media is trying to obfuscate the gullible people in matter of 1962 Chines aggression in a design to mislead the people, my October 24, 2012 discussion seems very relevant. So, here it is :

Drum-beating of imagined dreams stupefies Orissa, as the Country has failed to punish Biju Patnaik for his treason during Chinese Aggression

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