Issue of ownership: Samaja newspaper employees seek clarification from SoPS on exposures in ORISSA MATTERS


ORISSA MATTERS has exposed how the Servants of the People Society (SoPS) has hijacked Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das’ famous newspaper The Samaja to swindle its fabulous earnings by using a forged Will. It has become clear by the ORISSA MATTERS reports available together at that SoPS has no legitimate ownership over the paper.

As the SoPS has never dared to counter the allegation, worried employees of the Samaja through their trade union – Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association – have attracted attention of the Chairman and members as well as the Trustees of SoPS to this exposure in in their letter No. 15/GS/2014 dated 24.3.2014.

Signed by Devi Prasanna Nayak, President and Subash Chandra Singh, General Secretary of the Union, the letter notes, “Even as the members of our Union are extremely worried over the litigations ffecting Servants of the People Society in internal tussles, we are in deep quagmire over the issue of ownership of the Samaja where we are employees.

“We are giving you the link to a website styles, wherein, over and above the publications in depicting serious exposures and raising serious questions on legitimacy of SoPS as owner of the Samaja are being published/ have been published.

“On behalf of the members of our Union, we request you to please peruse the articles in thia website and come out with a clear picture of the ownership over the Samaja, as otherwise employer-employee relationship being in stake, we the workers are in and bound to be in highly injurious predicament”.

SoPS is yet to answer.

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  2. I am the great grandson of Utkalmani Gopandhu Das and the son of Prof. Dr. Satayabadi Misra will support you and will give back the Samaj to you people. The Satyabadi Press belongs to the Loka Sevak Mandal and not the SAMAJ as a Newspaper. The Samaj news paper belongs to those who had established the name, which includes the persons who worked for it. It is definitely not Radahanath Rath who was a personal servant of my great grandfather. The question is,if the press belonged to Lokasevak mandal or not! If it is true then Radhanath Rath who was a personal servant to my great grand father did induct Manoroma Mohapatra and Padaribinda Mohapatra and many even otherwise.
    The daily news paper Samaj. They have no right nor the son Nilakantha Rath has the right to claim Samaj. The Newspaper Samaj is the property of the employees of the Samaj. I advice the people of the Samaj, to please talk the truth or else I, as the great grand son of Utkalmani Gobandhu Das will fight for my employees in SAMAJ. I have the copy of the probated will, which Radhanath Rath, his daughter and her husband has camouflaged and kept for their benefit.
    I promise my SAMAJ people that I will help you to get back all that was given.

    • Dear Mishra,
      Gopabandhu babu had not given the Samaja to the Lok Sevak Mandal, because, it was not his property. Samaja was established by the five stars of sacrifice – the Panchasakha of Satyabai headed by Gopabandhu and belong to people of Orissa. Thanks.

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