How long Rahul's frustration could have been kept under the lid?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Unless Rahul Gandhi’s heart was full to its last brim in wrath and frustration over the harm his mother and Manmohan Singh combine had done to the uncomplicated common man of India, he would never have done what he did by skipping Sonia’s farewell dinner offered to the outgoing Prime Minister on 14 May 2014.

The common man had made its supreme sacrifice to free India from the foreigners; but this treacherous combine along with the present President Pranab Mukherjee did everything to help the foreigners grab our lands and establish their empires in India.

Dreams of freedom fighters, who had dared British gallows, bullets, batons and boots to make their motherland the land where they shall dwell in peace with full ownership over all the natural resources and all the means of production, got shattered by the above said gang of the three to the total detriment and ruin of the common man.

Self-employed small farmers were brutally displaced from their lands and habitations for allocation thereof to private and foreign industries, under whose design the forest-dwelling tribes to whom mountains and hills are Gods, springs their blessings, plants the staple sources of livelihood, in the name of and devotion to which they had made the maximum contribution to martyrdom in the freedom struggle, were thrown out of their living environment and brutally tortured by the State, in the regime of Singh that Sonia was controlling.

To the young, unmarried, unpolluted Rahul Gandhi, who is marked for his eager concern for the tribal people, this treachery was unbearable. His humanly conscience, as we have marked, was militating against his political entity as a team mate of the very same politicians who, in power, were playing havoc with the poor people in the name of their development, when, in fact, their actions were pushing people to imperilment and exploitation by the rich.
He is marked to have expressed solidarity with the tribes fighting against the State power and private industries to protect their revered hills like Niyamagiri and eco-systems that are being destroyed for mining by private industries and the mafia.

As a very informed insider, he must have seen the nasty game his mother and Manmohan were playing against our people and must have felt ashamed of being a passive onlooker of the treachery.

He was evidently ashamed of how his mother’s remote-controlled Manmohan Singh had tried to foil the Supreme Court mandate on convicted politicians and had no qualms in terming the official ordinance in that regard “nonsense”.
He must have felt how people of India were, during electioneering, looking at Modi as a lesser danger than the Congress rulers and in sheer frustration, he must have preferred to keep away from the dinner in order to display his total disapproval of what Manmohan Singh has done to India under stewardship of Sonia.

May 16 may be a day of national calamity for India as a new phase of harsher misrule ensured by continuance of of the same political economy of capitalism that Manmohan had clamped on India is feared to engulf the country with the mandate, which certainly would be mindless, as nobody has condemned relegation of Parliament from its pivotal role to peripheral , under a wave manufactured by the ‘rich media’ for Modi, declared “Prime Ministerial Candidate” in total disregard to the role of elected MPs in selection of Prime Minister .

With the phase of Sonia-Singh meretricious concern for the common man over, and their aggressive collaboration with American imperialistic design gone with the reign going into Modi’s hands, one may expect that Rahul will rip apart the cocoon and, instead of passive resentment to the high-command controlled misrule, which he disapproved by discarding the dinner Sonia offered to Manmohan, he may begin afresh with his marked concern for the common man and emerge the expected obstacle to the profiteers’ mischief that is bound to overwhelm India post May 16.

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