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Tata sky logoTelevision service provider TATA Sky is acting wild. It has blocked Oriya channels to my TV set and is sleeping over my complaint for last four days.

English and Hindi Channels are playing in my set. So the ‘set top box’ it has provided at my place is functioning. This means, only the Oriya channels are blocked. TATA Sky has no response to my query as to why the Oriya channels are blocked. I watch the Oriya news through my TV set. It means, TATA Sky has debarred me from watching Oriya news since four days.

On the second day of this illegal blockage, on April 2, its local office wanted me to give the ‘No Signal’ (NS) message to its designated number 56633 which I did at 1.30.56 PM. It was acknowledged at 1.31.03 PM and at 1.42.22 PM the same day a work order number was communicated to me as would be seen in the record of message received through my iPhone.

TATA SKY MESSAGE SERIES 1 Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.34.41 PM

Even as TATA Sky failed to remove the illegal blockage of Oriya Channels to my TV set, at 1.21.33 PM on April 3, it sent me a message that read, “Your work order number regarding the technician visit is pending. Thank you for your patience, our field service team will call you soon to fix an appointment”. Below is its message.

Tata sky message  2 _Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.35.12 PM

When no “field service team” called me despite lapse of 25 hours, the above message was repeated on April 4 at 2.42 PM. And, as my repeated email to its help desk remained unanswered, at 4.12 PM the following message is received, which says, “We will resolve your complaint as soon as possible. In lieu of your pending complaint, your TATA Sky account is being credited with 3 days worth of your subscription charges. Below are the two messages.

TATA Sky message 3rd series_Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.09.52 PM

It is clear to me that TATA Sky is acting wild. It assumes that loss of watching the news in Oriya will be compensated by crediting my account with 3 days worth of my subscription charges!

Any Hindi or English channel within the package i have subscribed is viewable whereas only the Oriya channels are blocked. The moment I click on an Oriya channel, the following message spreads over the screen. It asserts that there is no signal because of cloudy outside or raining or because of loose connection to set top box which I am to set right.


There is no clouds, no rain. There is no loose connection as Hindi and English channels are viewable. The set top box is functioning. Only the Oriya channels are booked. Watch the video clips and see the game TATA Sky is playing. The video starts  with a Hindi channel and ends with the same. But above shroud spreads the moment an Oriya channel (here it is Zee Kalinga) is clicked. Clearly TATA Sky is acting wild.

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