Parasites activate their design: Sankaracharya invited to Bath and Rath festivals of SriJagannatha

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Government of Orissa has again danced to the tune of the Caste-supremacists in matter of SriJagannatha.

Navakalevara is a great chance to tell the world that Buddha was a son of the Oriya soil whom the founder of Vajrayan Acharya Indrabhuti had consecrated as Sri Jagannatha.

This could have helped innumerable Buddhists of the world to locate the real birthplace of Buddha and Orissa could have got back her unique position as fountainhead of Buddhism.

But, unfortunately Orissa is running under a person, who has no affinity for the people of Orissa. He is a chance Chief Minister whose only passport to power has remained his ability to show himself as the son of his father. He is running Orissa by his father’s name with the help of a sturdy gang of sycophants and self-seekers, who, through their collective exploitation have pushed the people into such pusillanimity that they do not dare to go against him in the polling booths. Orissa is now a laboratory of nullification of democracy where there is a chief minister who is convinced that as long as official welfare projects are named and renamed after his father, the inane people dependent on opiates like one-rupeean-rice shall continue to vote for him and his raj as the son of his father, not as the leader of the people, shall stay strong. This man is alway ready to stay with the fellows that have the ability to misguide the people in any manner, so that exploiters and parasites should be satisfied and pleased. In the grip of this man Orissa has become such a confused place that the world’s sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and political scientists would have to works hard to know how a majestic people became rotten within a period of one and a half decades.

Taking full advantage of this sordid situation, the caste-supremacists have activated their design to keep SriJagannatha under their cover so that the world cannot know him as Buddha and Orissa as the fountainhead of Buddhism.

There are parasites galore in present day Orissa who live gorgeous life without doing any labor to justify their living. Caste-supremacist culture authenticated by Sanatan Hindu Dharma, which Sankaracharya propounds, suits them the most. So, they are eager to see that Sankaracharya, whom people of Orissa, when they were heroic, had finally ousted from Jagannatha system by deracinating Adi Sankara’s statue from the RatnaSinghasana of SriMandira during the time of Gajapati Divya Singh Dev in 1790s along with the statue of his first chela Padmapada – the first predecessor in the Math of the present Sankaracharya, is allowed to have his hegemony in the affairs of SrJagannatha.

Thus, when the chief administrator of the temple is a man of the caste-supremacist caste, the present Gajapati Dibya Singh Dev led a team of fellows who do not sweat in earning their livelihood, to invite the Sankaracharya to the Snana Mandap and the chariot of SriJagannatha during the car festival, even though, as we have discussed earlier, he is an anathema to cult of Jagannatha.

There was no necessity of inviting him. Nobody invites the innumerable devotees to the car festival of Jagannatha. If he has any real affinity for SriJagannatha, he could have attended the car festival like the other devotees, and stayed away from touching the body of the deity as true devotees who dare the scorching sun and tormenting weather to have the deity’s darshan on the car, stay away from riding the Rath and touching the body of the deity.

But that is not to be. The parasites want to project him as the authority over SriJagannatha, in order to show the world that SriJagannatha is not Buddha of Oriya origin, but Vishnu of the caste-supremacist Hindus.

Sri Jagannatha is to be saved from parasites, if uniqueness of the Oriyas is to be saved.

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