Naveen should intervene in poster war: Orissa should wholeheartedly welcome the PM

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

As an ORIYA, I would have felt proud of my Chief Minister had Orissa’s ruling party not indulged in a poster war with the Party of the Prime Minister who is visiting our State to inaugurate the oil refinery at Paradip tomorrow. History shall note the day as a black day if the Chief Minister of Orissa fails to order his followers to withdraw his own posters and party flags in order to ensure that the State doesn’t deviate from welcoming the guest with utmost respect and magnanimity.

ORIYA magnanimity requires that, when Mr. Modi belongs to BJP, not BJD, the CM of Orissa should have welcomed him with his posters and flags, not of his own. But, sadly, the ruling party of Orissa has made the entire route of the PM a dense jungle of its publicity posters, banners and flags. Instead of welcoming in nature, they are confrontational.

The scenario is so very acrimonious that, miscreants have torn down Modi’s portraits in many places and in many places have defaced his portraits with black paints.

In today’s newspapers a full front page advertisement has been published by the State government showing how it is Naveen Patnaik and his father Biju are the only ones because of whom the oil refinery is established. Modi is accidentally the PM and the oil minister being his protege, he is having the opportunity to launch it.

This, if anything, is rivalrous in purpose and hence, not in consonance with the magnanimity of Orissa.

Majority of Orissa are anti-BJP. But this doesn’t mean that their State government would violate the etiquette of receiving a guest with full respect to his position.

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