This is what had spoken the leftist light of JNU

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

JNU has an outstanding history of congeniality to progressive thinking. This conduct is anathema to conservatives. So, there is no surprise in conspiracy of the conservatives to demolish this outstanding distinction of JNU.

As is transpiring in kaleidoscope of camera recordings, the conservatives used their yes-men in authority of JNU to allow vested-interest forces to misuse the University campus for their nefarious purposes. Naturally, the conscious students of JNU led by the President of their Union Kanhaiya Kumar gathered in a meeting on February 12 to condemn the nefarious act of the anti-progressive miscreants and the attempts to tarnish the reputation of the famous University.

Kanhaiya Kumar, a leftist light of the present generation came down heavily upon the miscreants and their collaborators in the University office. He declared that disrespect to Indian constitution shall not be tolerated by them – the progressive students. He exposed the nexus between the denigrators of Indian mana and the University bosses and wanted to know under whose pressure they had allowed the anti-progressives to vitiate the academic climate with venom, in the name of JNU students. He condemned the conservatives that have no qualms in hurling abusive words even at his mother and declared that they want a motherland where mothers shall not be abused. He held Manuvad and Punjivad responsible for such degradation of the country and stressed upon emancipation from Jativad, from Manuvad, from Punjivad, and from all such machinations of capitalism.

Police has arrested him, the court has put him to judicial custody while fanatics in black attire have thrashed him brutally for hours in the court premises as if law was rendered senseless by being raped by the goonda lawyers.

A section of media persons and their channels whom many people of India consider as misusers of media power have vitiated the whole atmosphere with morphed videos and venomous babels willfully produced to ill-project the progressives in general and Kanhaiya in particular.

Against this backdrop, ORISSA MATTERS has tried to collect what the student leader had really spoken.

Here it is:

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