Linguist Debi Prasanna Pattanayak should say if he approves his associate’s language

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I write, because the people have the right to be informed. Suppression of information of public importance is a crime on part of a scribe. We withheld, if exposure of information would damage the society. Otherwise the people have the right to know.

Linguist Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak has attracted suspicion for having stolen the document prepared by the Government of Orissa in support of its demand for classical status to Oriya in a design to fetch recognition for a private trust styled Institute of Odia Studies and Research that needs the recognition for earning eligibility for establishing a private University in Oriya. A very immensely valuable stretch of land measuring 84 acres in near proximity to the capital city of the State has already been earmarked for the said UNIV. But the government guidelines stipulates that permission to a private institute can only be granted if the said institute has proven contributions to and excellence in conductance of research. Dr. Pattanayak’s Institute is a mere tutorial body that severely lacks in any research experience. This is the cause that possibly instigated Dr. Pattanayak and his protege Subrat Prusty to engineer the theft of the researched document of the government by manipulating the corrupt official machinery and with that, to project the same as the product of the above institute.

When documentary evidences suggested that this theft has taken place, I had to inform the people in my writings in Oriya newspapers. Dr. Pattanayak’s partner in the suspected crime, Subrat Prusty has hurled the filthiest most obnoxious words at me in social media over this exposure. The words he has used indicate to what low breed he belongs. But, despite being notified of the same, Dr. Pattanayak, former Director of Central Institute of Indian Languages, has kept mum, evenas his protege continues his vitriols in social media.

His silence is a silent indication of his involvement. He being a noted linguist, decorated with a coveted civilian award ‘Padma Shri’ and therefore supposed to be a paragon of civilian virtues, should shun silence and say, if he approves the obnoxious language his closest associate has hurled at me, when as a man in the profession of informing the people of matters that affect them, I discussed the issue of official activities in the matter of classical status of Oriya Language.

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