Just not say the Year ended, say how it ended, as has said Prof. Fakir Mohan Sahoo

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The first New Year Greetings I usually get was coming from my beloved friends Mrs. & Mr. Barendra Krushna Dhal. I miss that. Both of them – made for each other – followed each other in their glorious entry into the elements. I feel them in my heart and feel that, I have received their invisible Greetings in the domain of my soul. And, I pay the unique couple my ever affectionate tributes in reciprocation.

The first visible Greetings this year came to me from my youngest brother-in-law J.N.Kanungo and his beloved wife Dolly (Smrutirekha).

When the year changes, my wife Sabirarani greets me. This year was no exception.

Like every year, since a few years, the Greetings from Dr. Arun Kumar Sahoo (Former Law Minister, Orissa) came day before yesterday with his usual village-centric sentiments, this year focusing on the magnificence of faith. I mention it, because of its thematic uniqueness.

As I am yet waiting to get the lovely messages from my beloved friend and brother Damodar Pattanayak , the most remarkable Greetings, absolutely different from the rest and utmost responsible and enlightening, reached me from dear friend Prof. Dr. Fakir Mohan Sahoo and his beloved wife Reeta.

I learnt from it: when to say a year passed away, just not say it ended, say how it ended, so that one may feel inspired to greet a New Year not on the pyre of a past year, but in the brilliance of an active year that he / she should like to continue further in the unending annals of Time.

I feel it appropriate to share Dr. Sahoo’s Greeting with the world for this purpose only.

I am sure, brother Fakir Sahoo shall not object. Here it is:

Dear Subhas Babu


Here is the brief resume of ours for the year 2017:

· Professionally Fakir continued his role as the Research Professor, Xavier School of Human Resources Management, Xavier University. His office is now located at Room 02-103, Xavier City Campus, Plot no.12(A), Nijigada, Kurki, Harirajpur -752051 Puri, Odisha (Phone: 91943712279). He continued in his creator pursuits of publication and literacy writings. Apart from the monograph “Landscape of Mind”, three Odia books got published. These include: Sahitya O’ Manastatwa (Literature & Psychology), Chapamukta Jiban (Stress free Life), and Sakshyatkar (Interview).

· Reeta (Anju) continued with social activities and social networking.

· Our daughter Poly (Voomika Manasaja), along with her husband, Tapas, and her two-year-and- a half young daughter, Tithi (Tanisha), moved from Nagpur to New Delhi in the month of November.

· Tithi proved to be a source of constant amusement through her skype presentations.

· Fakir attended an International Conference on Management at Abu Dhabi (UAE) where his presentation received Best Paper’s Award. Together we had great time in Dubai where the cordial hospitality of Mr. Nityananda Upadhaya and his wife, Chhotkuni, made our stay and touring extraordinarily pleasant. The visit to Miracle Garden was a lifetime experience. We owe a deep sense of gratitude to Upadhaya family.

Fakir Mohan Sahoo

Reeta Sahoo

Continue to enrich our world with your brilliant contributions, dear friend.

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