Elixir for Orissa: Prasad to remain President of PCC

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The political pollutants – BJP and BJD – are certainly shocked over continuance of Prasad Harichandan as President of the Provincial Unit of the Congress Party.

The Party, to which the yet alive Gandhians belong, has an inherent responsibility to save the country from communal as well as regional crocodiles. Their meretricious tears for the people are more harmful than any syndrome that can ever affect them emotionally and physically. If communalism is enemy number one of democracy, regionalism is no less, inasmuch as it damages Indian Nationalism. Congress, the national party, is neither communal nor regional. Therefore, despite belonging to the same political economy of inequality, Congress is less harmful to our people than BJP and BJD.

Both these parties had partnered in a coalition that had outvoted the Congress in 2000. The Congress fall was engineered by personal ambitions of a few close colleagues of J.B.Patnaik, whom the top political position was more alluring than the party. The same syndrome seen in its legislative wing asserting to be independent of the organizational body has kept the party atrophied even today in Orissa.

From tomorrow, the scenario may change. Change of the PCC chief would have been suicidal, because, thereby, the perception of the legislative wing that it is a combine of privileged persons, too privileged and distinguished to stay subservient to the organizational leadership, could have gained ground.

By deciding to stand with the organizational head of the PCC, Mr. Gandhi has not only dismissed the wrong notion of the legislative wing that it is above the organization, but also has clamped the long needed discipline at his party’s most important juncture of life.

This will give Orissa a new hope to have a government that would neither be communal nor regional.

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  1. Mahodaya,

    Odisha is going through a bad and disastrous phase.Here party leaders are fighting with each other to achieve
    their political mileage.No one really thinking about Odisha. Odisha lacks a true Odia leader with strong will power and team management spirit.Due to his incapability or lack of leadership quality Naveen Pattnaik has
    been a puppet in the hand of Mr. Pyari Mohapatra and now a non-odia Tamil bureaucrat V.K.Pandian. After analyzing the current scenario,we can come to the conclusion that Naveen Pattnaik do not usually trust Odia people/leaders or bureaucrats.Now to fulfill the political vacuum or due to the leadership
    problem,bureaucrats(who are the implementing party)are unnecessarily interfering in the political activities of Odisha. By crossing the limit,they are behaving with political leaders as their sub ordinate employee.Political leaders are also shamelessly accepting the status co.If we look at the federal system of democracy,political leaders are the supreme,whether it’s Lalu Yadav/Mamata Banerjee/Mulayam Singh/Jayalalitha. The late Chief minister of Andhra,Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy always have his own advisers from Telugu community who could supersede any bureaucrats in Andhra govt.The advisers are expert in administration,legal affairs,art,language,culture,politics and many other things.Here in Odisha Naveen Pattnaik can appoint any renowned Odia personality(ies) as his adviser, who can overcome/dictate bureaucrats on many issues.And the bureaucrats instead of seating in AC rooms must visit the rural areas
    and meet with the common man instead of playing politics in 3rd floor.Issue of Mahanadi,Polavaram,Brahmani,Kutia village,Udayapur beach etc can be resolved if political leaders/bureaucrats/common people of Odisha will get united by shunning crab mentality and hypocracy,otherwise chaos and destruction is imminent.



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