Naveen insults Orissa in Hokey World Cup Competition also

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik who has ruined Orissa beyond repair in economic front, has deliberately made at least 70% of its population dependent on governmental mercy to survive starvation death in order to make them so inane that when election comes, they may not think of casting their votes against him.

To keep the people constantly intimidated by showing them that their mana bears no meaning for him, he has been insulting Orissa in every possible heinous way.

In order to show the world that Orissa is his fee simple and the people his subjects, he has squandered away public money in the Bhubaneswar edition of the Hokey World Cup in advertising himself as Orissa’s sole autocrat to whose whims and caprices people are bound to acquiesce in.

But not and never the Oriyas as a whole keep mum. There are people in Orissa to whom his conduct is a misconduct meticulously calculated to insult the people of Orissa whose language he hates to learn and refuses to work in.

National Secretary of Manab Adhikar Abhijan, Sujit Kumar Sahu, has observed his nasty manners in the following words in social media, which every visitor has liked, with not a single dislike so far. I am reproducing his words below to wake up the august members of my race to this severe insult.

Great heroes of hockey have been ignored on the inaugural ceremony of Odisha World Cup Hockey.
PadmaSri Dilip Tirkey who remained Captain of India Hockey team for the longest time and played maximum nos of international hockey from India has been ignored.

The inaugural function was not a film fare award ceremony to invite Bollywood stars.

It is shame that none of our great hockey players from Odisha was present on the stage with the CM.

Crores of rupees from our taxpayers money got ill-spent to rub shoulders with Film stars but few wards couldn’t be spoken either by CM or the organizer in praise of the simple innocent tribal hockey stars, those, who have made our state proud by bringing glory and laurels to our state and to the country as well.

How could the CM afford to forget to respect their sentiments and contributions?

It’s because of them, hockey has been popular in our state; not because our CM was goal keeper of Dun School hockey team.

Subhadra Karketa also captained INDIAN women hockey team. Not a single Olympian from Odisha was honored yesterday. All hockey lovers and hockey stars of the state have been ignored.
CM also never mentioned about the contribution of those hockey heroes in his inaugural speech.

It is very unfortunate.
(Sujit Kumar Sahu)

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