Pulwama attack: Was it meant to make Martyrs?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
The Central Government is entitled to lead India. Is it, therefore, entitled to mislead India?

In the matter of Pulwama attack that instantly extinguished as many as 40 Jawans of our CRPF including two from Orissa, it is more agonizing to note that, had our central government been serious in defense discipline, they would never have so helplessly been killed.  

Our Prime Minister has told us that our men have succumbed to Pak terrorist attack and our defense forces have been given full freedom to avenge the loss as they like. But he has kept us in the total dark about how this dastardly attack had escaped our intelligence till occurrence. 

At a time of such national grief, we need to know if we were not sabotaged.

The PM should tell the people if the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) was adhered to and if not, what action is taken against the Officer responsible for this violation. The central government man in J&K, its Governor, has admitted that SOP was not adhered to. Home Minister has told of the necessity of fine-tuning the SP.  Will the PM, the single ruler, despite democracy, tell us what really is what?  

Curiously, with the new martyrdom created in Pulwama, the piercing allegation raised by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi on the dubiousness of the Rafale deal, involving the PM’s favored friend Anil Ambani, which had engaged the nation’s rapt attention, has gone out of focus under shrouds of tears of sympathy for the Pulwama martyrs. So, it seems, this new episode of Indian martyrdom has given Modi and Ambani a moment to relax. If, as declared by Mr. Modi, our forces are given the carte blanche to do whatever they like to avenge India’s loss, could it be beyond expectation on their part to regularise the Rafels deal, in the matter of which, Rahul Gandhi had demanded an investigation into the PM’s personal involvement in settling the same for Ambani?

Then, was it a deliberate violation of SOP to create a safe situation for martyrdom? This fearing is unbearably painful. But a large convoy of CRPF vehicles, carrying 2500 soldiers without them knowing, if the road was intelligence-checked; and a moving four-wheeler-forte of the enemy, full of deadly explosives, crashing on one of the caged vehicles in the convoy, killing forty on the spot and severely injuring the rest, is something that cannot be defined as anything but deliberate. 

What action against Pakistan our forces are to take is to be known after they take the action, but we must now be helped by the government to know, what action they have taken against the Chief of CRPF for having pushed our Jawans to die such defenseless death. Otherwise, the suspicion that the convoy was put on the motion in order to make some martyrs sans any engagement with the enemy, so that the climate against the Rafales deal may change and the elections knocking at the door may face no issue except defense to the advantage of the government seeking a fresh mandate, cannot subside despite our sincere desire that there should be no such suspicion.

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