The Verdict notwithstanding, the Piercing Nail

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Supreme Court should immediately order for availability of its Ayodhya verdict in all the scheduled languages of India to make people know this historic Order in its entirety. Nonavailability of this verdict in their own language will keep majority of the people in dark about it and dependent upon hearsay.

This issue is such an issue, which may not end with the verdict, even though none of the concerned may venture to dishonor it. But, academic discussion on this great judgement cannot be barred at any point of time.

A retired Judge of the Supreme Court Sri AK Ganguly has already created a condition for such discussion by alleging that the minorities have been “wronged” in this judgement.

“I am perplexed and disturbed. The Constitution gives the right to every one and justice has to be given to everyone; but in this case the justice has not been done to minorities”, he has said.

He has tried to justify his words.

Now, therefore, the matter calls for judicial academic debate.

In future, as almost all our political leaders and executive top-brass pride in displaying their religious tag, oblivious of the fact that secularism is one of the constitutional mainstay of our country, and the term, to them, means nothing but State-support to all and/or any religion, the country is destined to suffer umpteen legal conflicts in the matter of religion. And, then, the Ayodhya verdict cannot but be an unavoidable subject of judicial analysis.

Thus the judgement shall continue to be discussed.

According to the judgement, majority of the Hindus believe that Rama was born in the place, where, in the MoghulRaj, was erected the mosque. By handing over the land to Rama Lalla, this is judicially confirmed that Rama was certainly born there.

How was it determined that “majority” of Hindus “believe” this place to be Rama’s birthplace? Was there any plebiscite?

In fact, most of the Hindus do not support Rama, particularly those who support the Krushna cult.

Orissa had witnessed severe battle between followers of Rama and Krushna. There was monstrous fight between followers of Rama and Krushna leading to bloodbaths over ‘Mahamantra’ of the Hindus. When followers of Rama had coined the Mahamantra as “Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Ram Hare Hare”, the followers of Krushna had given to themselves the Mahamantra “Hare Krushna Hare Krushna Krushna Krushna Hare Hare”.

On this premise, even the Baishnavs were of two sects, called Odra Baishnav and Goudiya Baishnav, their signs of sandalwood paste on the foreheads being known as Ramanandi Chita and SriMandir Chita respectively.

When Rama represented the Brahminic patriarchal ideology, Krushna the tribal matriarchal system.

Internecine dispute over this ideological difference had led to obliteration of Gajapati Purusottam Dev in a battle of the subjects against the emperor at Puri, where the matriarchal people of Orissa, in wrath, had deracinated the statues of Adi Sankaracharjya and his first disciple Padmapad from the Ratna Sinhasan of SriJagannatha, which were implanted there by the Brahmins. People had instantly enthroned Prataparudra Dev, who quickly had quashed the hegemony of the Brahmins and promulgated the matriarchal system in SriMandira by restoring the Astapadis of SriJaya Dev, while proscribing Abhinav Gita Govinda promulgated by his father Purusottam. This phase in Orissa – phase of battle between Rama cult and Krushna cult – had seen physical obliteration of Sri Chaitanya of Krushna cult, last seen with Atibadi Jagannath Das of Rama cult, the subsequent developments of which are lost in legends.

I am afraid, the present verdict will help the Rama cult get strengthened in India. Those who do not subscribe to the Rama cult and support the class-war concept sic passim Krushna cult may be forced to live with the piercing nail sans any chance to escape, the apex court being the arbitrator beyond easy reach.

Was Rama a God for all the Hindus to follow or honor? I had pondered over this question in 2002 under the caption: If Rama was ever born, he was born a man.

May my friends please peruse the same.

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