Utkarsha Business Solutions to help small-scale Startups


A combine of young committed chartered accountants has started functioning in Orissa under the banner of Utkarsha Business Solutions (UBS) to help small-scale Startups and have launched a digital journal in Oriya styled Abhyudaya, on August 15, the auspicious day of Independence.
Every business is a Startup, irrespective of its size and level of growth, says the combine chief Ranjan Kumar Sahoo.

Small scale Startups (business) are the present and future of the economy, he states. They contribute significantly to the economy in terms of GDP and employ ability. But, due to unavailability of proper guidance, most Startups face untimely death.

On careful analysis of many such Startups UBS has found that, there is a starving need for mentoring or hand-holding of Startups.

In absence of professional guidance,UBS says, they face many challenges viz. cash flow management, working capital management, product marketing, digital transformation, brand building, strategic thinking, market study, competitor analysis, customer behavior analysis, price fixation, cost cutting, internal control, turnover growth, quality control, employee management and the list goes on. This happens in-spite of all the good wishes of the entrepreneur / businessman to excel in business and make an impact in the society.

Therefore, the young CAs at UBS are determined to fill this gap. “We don’t allow our clients to hit untimely death and at the same time frame a flan of action to excel” asserts the policy statement of the combine.

UBS espouses various innovative models like Fail-Not Model(FNM), Think-Do Model(TDM), Customer Empathy Model (CEM), Business Honesty Model(BHM), Business Priority Model(BPM) etc.

In today’s VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world, every business has to think and re-think constantly on their SWOT (Strength, Weakness and Opportunity and Threat), just like an enthusiastic Startup, they say.

“We provide well designed customized service to our clients, after getting behind the eyeball of the entrepreneur through our Listen-Most Model (LMM)”, the inaugural announcement of UBS declares.

There is no wrong time to take right action, says Sri Sahoo.

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