Padmapur rejected BJP because of its anti-Orissa conspiracy

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Official announcement of by-election results will not affect what has happened in Padmapur. BJD has won.

Considering experience and efficiency in law making and dealing with financial Bills and other legislative businesses, Mr. Pradip Purohit of BJP was certainly the better than the BJD greenhorn. Why then Mr. Purohit got defeated?

The reason is very clear.

People of Padmapur have rejected BJP for its anti-Orissa conspiracy.

Padmapur belongs to that area of Orissa where linguistic nationalism of the people had forced the British to restore Oriya as the official language, an epoch-making development that contributed emensely to emergence of Orissa.

From the Vajpayee days the BJP has been trying to devide this Orissa, so that a new State under grip of non-Oriya business community – its committed supporters- could come to its fold in politics of power.

Children of Mother Orissa, conscious of how the separatist movement fuelled by BJP is designed to harm their identity as Oriya, silently but resolutely rejected the BJP candidate.

The Congress in blatant disarray, the most corrupt and incompetent political party – BJD – became the hobson choice.

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