It is urgent for the Congress to declare KPCC chief as Chief Minister

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Thanks to Rahul Gandhi’s unique endeavour to unite India (Bharat Joda), people of Karnataka have handed over their fate to the Congress Party and with that have given a sharp slap to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose insistence to make India free from Congress has harmed the country like never before.

But, sadly, we find a cold competition amongst a few victorious MLAs to achieve the top political position of the State.

This is not unnatural on part of the politicians. They are ambitious. Unless controlled by the national leadership, personal ambition of the provincial leaders would lead to internecine quarrel and ruin the decision of the people to handover their power to the Congress.

Therefore, the Congress national leadership must have to act urgently. It should decide and promulgate a principle that the PCC President under whose organisational stewardship the party bags majority of Assembly seats must lead the Government in the State and leave the PCC President post creating a situation for election of a new leader of the Party. If the new leader leads the party to victory in the next election, he should also be declared automatically the new leader of the legislative wing.

This principle, unless adopted and promulgated, eventual horse-trading would weaken the victorious party and frustrate the people that have used their mind and wisdom to reject BJP in Karnataka.

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