Modi couldn’t say he is not deshdrohi as alleged by Rahul

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I was really disturbed when Rahul Gandhi called Prime Minister Modi the “Deshadrohi”. No PM of India has ever been shown a “Deshadrohi” in the Loksabha (Ap Deshdrohi Ho). Alas! the PM, who roared against the opposition like an wounded lion, couldn’t counter this allegation from the man, whom he considers his enemy number one.

Rahul most severely castigated the PM for making Manipur the slaughter house where India is being butchered (You are killing India in Manipur). Mr. Modi also failed to counter this.

There was no answer to Rahul’s question as to why the PM has never visited the State to bring in peace and tranquility there and why he has not even made any appeal for end of internecine hostility and for restoration of brotherhood amongst the children of that soil.

In answering the debate, the PM made the august house a vehicle for political propaganda and the Speaker’s repeated appeals notwithstanding, reduced the floor to a place of sloganising, himself raising the slogans.

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