This Election gives us a new leader in Siddharth Routray

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
This election will help plutocracy to consolidate. Yet, to us in Orissa, it has given a new leader in Siddharth Routray.

He is a Congress candidate for Orissa Assembly from Nimapara constituency and the Congress is also a political weapon of plutocracy. In political economy, it doesn’t differ from BJP and BJD. Yet, in the climate of political opportunism prevalent in Orissa, he is distinctly different from professional politicians.

His instant approach to politics vis-a-vis the reality at the grass-roots level is best spelt out in his post-nomination first exclusive interview given to a noted channel. His unique honesty attracts our attention and with thanks to the channel, we share the same below for reference.

He has allowed himself to enter into the fray, not for any personal gain, but only for using the opportunity to make people conscious of the game Modi and Naveen have been playing under the canopy of Universal Adult Franchise.

This young political aspirant had dared the Himalayas to establish the mana of the Oriya Nation atop the world by wining Mt. Everest.

Siddharth, in his character and career, epitomizes Oriya mana. Now, as he has entered into active politics, Orissa is sure to get, notwithstanding results of the ensuing election, a strong votary  of Oriya mana in public life. 

Oriya mana lies in inviolable governance of Orissa in Oriya language. 

Welcome, dear Siddharth Routray to political life of Orissa.

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